Woman Banned From Walmart After Drinking Wine out of Pringles Can |

Woman Banned From Walmart After Drinking Wine out of Pringles Can |

Woman Banned From Walmart After Drinking Wine Out of Pringles Can By Tara Mahadevan Chicago-based journalist // @mhdvn
Jan 13, Getty/SOPA Images Police arrived at a Texas Walmart after receiving a call about a woman reportedly drinking wine from a Pringles can and driving an electric cart around the parking lot.
According to the AJC , officers responded to a call around 9 a.m. on Saturday regarding a dubious person in the parking lot. Authorities eventually located the woman at a restaurant close by and told her she was forbidden from the Walmart.
The woman who reported the Pringles sipper said that she was riding in the parking lot since 6:30 a.m.
For many who heard the story, the woman was a source of inspiration, not concern. Read some of the reactions below.
This is badass on so many levels:
-Drinking wine out of a Pringles can
-Riding around on an electric cart
-Permanently Banned from store
Missing from article…BUT WHAT FLAVOR WERE THE PRINGLES?!?! https://t.co/3obOFPiRS2
— ?Jessica Maybe? (@JessicaRoyce101) January 13, 2019 Imagine being the Pringles PR person this morning. Wake up, scroll Twitter, wonder why you're brand is trending…then finding out why. pic.twitter.com/G8lzcxgqxU
— Meerkats R Very Metal (@MeerkatsRMammal) January 13, 2019 Reasons I would expect to see Pringles trending:
1. Added a new flavor.
2. Some sort of cash prize contest.
3. Meme about getting the last chip out of the can.
2,317,498. Still not fucking this! ? https://t.co/mhakWbsPUd
— aka QuickLime (@TylerSoulier) January 13, 2019 If we don’t want people to drink wine from Pringles cans, maybe they shouldn’t be the perfect size. https://t.co/PotUEJEQPX
— Kashana (@kashanacauley) January 13, 2019 In Texas, carrying guns: fine. Wine in a Pringles can: Are you crazy??? https://t.co/gFCMuwM6Vy
— Harold Itzkowitz (@HaroldItz) January 13, 2019 I want to know if she took the Pringles out before she poured the wine in. https://t.co/K5pWnveJCq
— Khary Penebaker, Fx (@kharyp) January 13, 2019 Florida: “Nobody can top our state's batshit criminal antics.”
Texas: “Hold my Pringles can.” https://t.co/cBA9YX0Db1
— John. Just John. (@BlueGuitarPick) January 13, 2019 A lady would have crocheted an attractive yet functional cozy for that there Pringles can. pic.twitter.com/iGjv7sTnq0
— Kate C. Scattergood (@katescattergood) January 13, 2019 Related Logan Paul Is Catching Heat for Saying He’ll ‘Go Gay’ for a Month Trump Administration Allegedly Pressured Head of Tent City to Detain More Migrant Children Ex-Facebook Employees Reveal What It’s Really Like Working for Mark Zuckerberg News

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