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Category: Makes You Think

How To Set Goals Effectively And Grow Continuously

One of the most vital productivity tools at your disposal is being able to set goals. Without goals, it’s difficult for you to be going in any direction. Not to mention, a lack of goals doesn’t put you in control of your life. You may already know all of that, however, what you may not […]

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How to Use the Prioritization Matrix When Every Task is #1

It takes being productive to get things done correctly and on time. So how do you know which tasks are essential and which can wait? The answer is in the Eisenhower Matrix. The matrix took its name after Dwight David Eisenhower. Eisenhower was a general in the US army and the 34th President of the […]

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How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts from Eating You Alive

The human brain is an amazing organ. What we most associate the brain with doing is thinking. It assimilates a tremendous amount of information, and processes it in a multitude of ways, such as cognitive thinking, memory recall, and decision-making. The brain processes so much information that it is not uncommon for us to experience […]

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