Lara Trump praises furloughed workers for their 'sacrifice'

Lara Trump praises furloughed workers for their ‘sacrifice’

As the government shutdown persists, entering day 32 on Tuesday, Lara Trump says that federal workers missing paychecks are going through just “a little bit of pain” for the betterment of the country. In an interview for digital news network Bold TV, the daughter-in-law (Eric Trump’s wife) of and reelection campaign adviser to President Trump talked about the ongoing shutdown and the president’s goal to raise support and money for the border wall . And although she explained that POTUS is doing all he can to work “on behalf of the American people,” Lara is now getting called out for praising the “sacrifice” of Americans who are working without pay.
“Listen, it’s not fair to you, we all get that. But this is so much bigger than any one person. It is a little bit of pain, but it’s going to be for the future of our country,” she said about furloughed workers. “And generations after them will thank them for their sacrifice right now. I know it’s hard.”
But many people don’t believe that she understands the hardship.
The words of someone who has sacrificed nothing. How big of you too offer up someone else’s suffering…
— Bammac (@mylastsoberduck) January 22, 2019
What are you sacrificing.
— *you’re (@RKJ65) January 22, 2019
Weird how it has to be the working class that “sacrifices” and not the 1%.
— Leah the Angry Cactus (@Ailyiaa) January 22, 2019
Short -term sacrifices? So it’s okay that people cannot pay for their rent/mortgage, utilities, food and transportation to/from work because it will be good for them later? What kind of fucked up thinking is that?
— Vortex33 (@vortex33) January 22, 2019
Their future generations can’t give them food to eat
— (╭☞⸟‿‿⸟)╭☞︵Blister ? (@SABlister) January 22, 2019
Others are praising Lara and the president for focusing on what progress government workers’ sacrifices may yield.
Progress only comes though sacrifice. Sacrifice never schedules an appointment, but it is reserved for those that seize the movement to be courageous and bold to procure change
— John Burnett (@IamJohnBurnett) January 22, 2019
Finally we have a president who takes our sovereignty seriously. Agree with her that short-term sacrifices yield long-term gains. This had been building for decades, I hope we can get a deal soon!
— Carrie Sheffield (@carriesheffield) January 22, 2019
Nonetheless, one person says that both sides can likely agree on one thing: The government should be open.
I think that no matter which side you’re on you can agree that the government needs to be open!
— Hold Me Right (@HoldMeRightFilm) January 22, 2019
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